'Perception is Reality & Image is Everything'

Present your property for success.  When properly marketed, the right image helps create or reinforce the right perceptions and results in Top Dollar for your property.

Creating Curb Appeal

Making a Good First Impression COUNTS!

Nothing says CONSIDER ME more than the initial first impression that curb appeal brings. If your property is not presenting itself well to potential buyers, your home could be easily disregarded in a drive by; completely excluding customers from even considering your home or could even result in the cancellation of a pre-scheduled viewing with little or no notice.

A well maintained and attractive exterior shows the pride of ownership that the current owners have for their property and creates the anticipation for potential buyers to see more. If properties in your neighborhood are well maintained, you will want to make sure yours at least fits in with its surroundings. If you live in a neighborhood where properties are not as pristine, this is even more of an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Buyers seldom provide you with a GIFT of their money for no apparent reason, however, buyers are willing to pay TOP DOLLAR for properties that are move in ready and present themselves well; presentation always begins with the exterior and works its way to the interior.

“Well maintained landscaping, flowers. and fresh paint will always spruce up a home’s exterior presence.”

The iconic RE/MAX “For Sale” sign confirms professional representation and confidence to potential buyers, but it is the appearance and condition at the entire property that ultimately says BUY ME, or at minimum, CONSIDER ME!

LEDO-house-key (& RE/MAX) can effectively work a deal in your favour.


    • Scrape and repaint areas that are peeling or faded.
    • Refinish all natural wood whether deck or fencing.
    • Ensure all gates and latches are operational.
    • Replace any damaged or missing rain spouts.
    • Trim and prune excessive foliage especially around windows.
    • Clean all windows to a sparkle.
    • Keep grass green. weed free. And well manicured.
    • Unclutter the yard as randomly stored items are not yard ornaments.
    • Ensure all exterior lighting is bright and operational.
    • Plant flowers for fragrance and color.
    • Eliminate any evidence of pets.


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