More quotes, endorsements & depth of experience…

SportStar Relocation is dedicated to handling every aspect of your relocation process efficiently so you can concentrate on your profession and new surroundings. Ron (Ledohowski) has been a terrific Canadian partner to our company and takes amazing care in working with our high end clientele; especially athletes. I would recommend him for any real estate transaction large or small. Ron and Vanessa (a.k.a. LEDO-house-key) have worked seamlessly together through every step of the way.”

Ed Kaminsky – President & Founder of SportStar Relocation


REFERENCE LETTER from the Cotroneo Family (01-31-07)

Robert Cotroneo – Co-owner – Gino’s Construction Ltd. o/a Gino’s Homes

“I would like to thank Ron and Vanessa for such a great first-time home-buying experience. They were patient, knowledgeable and extremely helpful with any and all questions I had- responding as quickly as I could ask! Because they were always on the lookout, I got exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t ask for an easier, more-seamless transition to my new home. Thank you LEDO-house-key!”

Kristen P. – Another Happy Client!


“Good Morning Ron, I just wanted to let you know that I got your promotional material in the mail last week. Your marketing is beautiful, well done!”

Jackie Ostash – (Former) Public Relations Coordinator – RE/MAX of Western Canada


“The echos from our clients are consistent, ‘they looked after ALL of the details…’. It is a pleasure to work with these professionals!”

Angela Quartly – Mobile Mortgage Specialist – Formerly with TD Bank Group – NOW with Dominion Lending Centres (Regina)


“Ruben and I would like to express our gratitude for being pro-active in the acquisition of our home. You guys made it happen for us (including sale of former home). You made things easy for us and we are satisfied with how you managed situations for us. You give service more than what you are ‘paid’ for. I will surely recommend both of you to my relatives and family. Our relatives and friends admire GINO’S HOMES; and, they are convinced that if it is GINO’S HOMES, it must be good. We are now in our new home — enjoying every part of it. Once again, thank you for any extra service extended. CHEERS!”

Renee (& Ruben) Manacsa – Another Happy Client!


“It’s so good to be dealing with someone who comes from such an extensive ‘business’ background who ‘chose’ to become REALTORS® and already knows professionalism & service instead of trying to learn it. After so many years, ‘FINALLY’ we found the right REALTORS®”

Chris & Judy


“Ron, I love how on top of your game you are. I will recommend you to EVERYONE!”

Ravi R.


“THANK YOU AGAIN so very, very much! (I) Cannot thank you enough for all you have done. So greatly appreciated. You are TRUE PROFESSIONALS!”

Cindy Carswell – Director of Corporate Relations & Special Assistant to Leo Ledohowski – Canad Inns Corporate Office – Another Happy Client!


“Thank-you Ron & Vanessa! Once again, you guys did an amazing job, were so professional and made the process (of selling) easy! I can’t wait to (now) buy my new house!
YAY!! 😉 “

Heather M. – Repeat Client


“Thanks for all your efforts towards the sale on our past property and the purchase of our new home Ron & Vanessa. Down to the wire but effectively and professionally completed as I knew it would be. Anyone pondering the sale of their existing property or looking to purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact Ron & Vanessa. ‘Coach Red’ highly recommends their services.”

Jack McCallum & Mona – Happy Clients


“LEDO-house-key… Consistent Top Achievers plus Top Producer. YOU GUYS ARE ON FIRE!”

Alan Ediger – Broker – RE/MAX executives

Departure in August 2005 after 25+ years of active involvement as co-owner of *Canad Inns

“I started working with Ron (Ledohowski) around 1986 on some advertising and promotions for the then ‘Hospitality Corp.’ nightclubs that they were setting up throughout the city. I had always admired their ‘Donut’ philosophy of building a ring of hotels and clubs ‘around’ the city. I even helped them name a few clubs – ‘Night Moves’ being one in particular. We have worked together on numerous things since that time – though one of my fondest memories is sitting down with Ron and drawing on a cocktail napkin (as all great Ad Guys do) the idea for a logo and name for their new company. We came up with a logo design that would look like Canada – but not actually say it – and also be a play on ‘Canadians’! I gave him the napkin, waiting for the go ahead to refine it as final art – but they had already gone ahead, taking it right off that original drawing, and that same logo remains on their Hotels, Clubs, and even Canad Inns Stadium today! It is always a pleasure to work with a real ‘idea’ person and innovator like Ron Ledohowski and I look forward to more and more opportunities with him in the very near future!”

Rob Glennie – Formerly with Palmer/Jarvis Advertising – NOW Rob Glennie Consulting


“Ron has the ability to put a big picture concept into big picture action. The naming rights to the Winnipeg Stadium, a promotion to put people in space with the Zero Gravity promotion, the concept of putting spotlights on every property tied to the slogan Beacons of Hospitality are projects I worked with Ron on. When the naming rights to the stadium were in discussion, the Canad Brand was only beginning to be recognized. Ron’s drive to capture the naming rights, along with all the other attendant publicity that came with it, opened the door to vast other promotional opportunities and raised the Canad brand to an entirely new level in both the province and across Canada. Do it right or don’t do it sum up his philosophy which has served both he and his company well.”

Ron Pradinuk – Pradinuk Advertising


“Wow, Ron, I am surprised. I can only imagine how tough it would be to separate yourself from something you have been so involved in for so long and also something that is a family run venture.”

Kevin Donnelly – Senior VP, Event Management & Building Operations – True North Sports & Entertainment Limited


“I’m sorry to hear that you’ll be leaving …it’s always a tough decision to make such a significant move. I wish you much success in your new endeavors.”

Norva Riddell – Vice-President, Sales – True North Sports & Entertainment Limited – Winnipeg Jets


“Hi. Ron, surprised to hear of your departure but with your talents, I know you will be highly sought out for.” Cheers.”

Ed Huculak – Publisher & C.E.O. – Winnipeg Sun (relocated to Calgary Sun)


“Hello Ron, sorry to hear you are leaving Canad Inns. I enjoyed dealing with you over the years. You are right you are way too young to retire….”

Maureen Spier – Director Licensing & Inspection (retired March ’08) – MLCC


“Today’s Night Club game is ever changing and more challenging than ever. I have found the knowledge, guidance and experience I have received under a Marketing and Creative genius such as Ron Ledohowski to be invaluable. I continue to apply his fundamental marketing practices in keeping with the vision of each unique concept. I’m sure I will look back on previous successful marketing campaigns and concepts for inspiration. I know our business relationship has come to an end for now but I know I have mentor and friend for life.”

Jay Pauley – Vice President of Night Clubs & Entertainment Technologies – Canad Inns Corporate Office (now a hotel GM)


“As an Assistant General Manager at Canad Inns Polo Park I was fortunate enough to work with Ron for several years. I can say when ever I or anyone else asked for advice Ron always took the time to share his knowledge and experience. His demeanor always made you feel at ease. I learned a lot about how to conduct myself in different settings by observing Ron. He always made anyone who spoke to him feel important. The support I received from Ron over years helped me grow as a leader and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you Ron.”

Alain Dumonceaux – (Former) Assistant General Manager – Canad Inns Polo Park 


“I have known Ron for many years. Our relationship as friends grew out of a long term business relationship. Ron has an energy level that is unmatched. His clients should know that no real estate agent will work as hard for them as he is capable of doing. More important is his integrity, honesty and creativity. These are potent assets that a home buyer or seller should be looking for in this highly competitive market. Ron, working together with his wife Vanessa, create a team that puts their clients’ success first.”

Murray Hill – Account Executive – Bell Media